Refurbished Guitars

Information on refurbished guitars sold by Maggie's Music and Sound.

We are an authorized dealer for manufacturer approved refurbished guitars and musical instruments. These instruments are sent directly from the manufacturer or distributor to the authorized refurbishing center where they are fully inspected and cleared by a certified technician.

There are several reasons these instruments are sent to the authorized refurbishing center including; cosmetic flaws, minor repairs, surplus and discontinued models.

If an instrument happens to have a cosmetic flaw it will be pictured and described as accurately as possible.

All refurbished instruments come with a new standard factory setup. They may require small adjustments upon arrival to fit the players preference.

Manufacturer's warranty is not included unless otherwise stated.

Some of the instruments are given a new serial number and the back of the headstock may be gently stamped "used" or 2nd by the authorized refurbishing center.

These "used" although unused instruments are great instruments at great prices!